The Maumee Valley Growers Association (MVGA) received a state of Ohio grant in June, 2018 to study the feasibility of providing fresh produce generated by local small farmers to urban area corner stores businesses located in Toledo, Ohio.

MVGA Food Hub Reaches Out Into Community

MVGA Participates in School Event

MVGA participated in a “spinach cook-off” at Chestnut Intermediate School (325 students) in N. Olmstead featuring MVGA farmer’s produce.  Over 20 cafeteria supervisors also attended the event mostly representing schools located in Cuyahoga County.  “Slider,” the Cleveland Indians mascot also participated and is pictured in 2 of the photos shown below.

Check Out MVGA's Refrigeration Truck!

The vehicle is a 20-year-old refurbished Chevy 3500 (1 ton) refrigeration truck.  It can carry about 5,000 lbs. of produce and has been invaluable in expanding our produce route in Ohio.  The vehicle was paid for by MVGA out of sustainable funds saved over the past few years.  We are very happy to have it!

MVGA Awarded a Two-Year Specialty Crop Grant!

MVGA is happy to announce that their proposal entitled "Establishing a Sustainable Virtual Food Hub in Ohio" was selected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture through their Specialty Crop Block Grant Program.  The 2-year award commences October of 2017.  The project has three main objectives:

1. It is for the purpose of creating a sustainable food hub division

2. Further development of the Azoti software procurement system

3. Provide safety training to participating small produce farmers in northwest Ohio