MVGA Winter Retail Roundtable meets at Creque's Greenhouse...

Executive Director Attends Food Hub Conference in Burlington, VT.

During the five day conference, Joe Perlaky experianced a nice blend of classroom and onsite visits at a variety of food hub operations in Vermont.  Sponsored by the University of Vermont, 26 students from around the country received certification instruction and first hand practical experience as they toured five locations throughout the state.  Small to large hubs, meat processing, CSA models and on-site/mobile Farmers' Market were all a part of the week-long events.

"This was the first week of a 4-month certification course.  The balance of instruction will be conducted online and concludes in May.  Meeting all the wonderful people and food hub experts has great resource value both as a fast-track learning process to determine which models might make the most sense for our region but also to call upon and share those ideas with other operators is invaluable" Perlaky said.    

Funding was provided as part of a USDA-LFPP Implementation grant awarded to MVGA for 2016-17.

2016 Winter Conference

Nearly 64 were in attendance at Schmidlin's Greenhouse on January 7 to see their hydroponic operation fueled by solar power.  Others were interested in the latest word on Toledo's Food Hub progress while some farmers signed up for pesticide certification training.  The USDA-ARS also provided valuable information on their latest project research.  Many thanks to the Education/Events Committee for organizing the event.  Click on picture below for differnt photos.

Summer Retail Roundtable

Maumee Valley Growers Tour Hirzel's Compost Operation

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Flower Days at the Farmers' Market  - 2015

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Ronald McDonald 2015 "Roundup" Program

Ronald McDonald House Icon.jpg

MVGA partners with the Ronald McDonald House Charities

For the second year in a row, MVGA helps celebrate the building of the new Ronald McDonald House.  Fourteen MVGA retailers participated in the program in May collecting around $1,500. 

Customers were asked if they liked to "Roundup" their change to the next dollar and contribute to this valuable program. 

The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Northwest Ohio is a children's charity that focuses on helping families accessing medical care for their children, as well as helping to enrich the lives of healthy children. Families can stay as long as their children are receiving specialized medical care. And, they can return as often as necessary for follow-up care.

Built in 1906 as a farmhouse on Monroe Street near the entrance of Toledo Hospital, the structure operated as a funeral home from 1940 until Ronald McDonald House opened its doors. The building has undergone several expansions to reach its present 8,000 square feet.

The new building will be completed later this fall. The planned 38,000-square-foot house will double the amount of space for families from 14 to 28 rooms. For more information on the new facility click here. They have raised $7.5M to date!

Many thanks to those greenhouse and garden centers that participated in the program.

Recycling Pickup Date Set

The Maumee Valley Growers Association arranged for a pickup date for recycling of your plastic pots and containers.

Please bring your containers to either:

Bostdorff’s Greenhouse in BG (Dick at 409-0648) or Creque’s Greenhouse (Jeff at 392-8454) in Sylvania before July 28th.  Superior Plastics will be picking up the items from both locations on the 28th.

The items don’t have to be sorted but should be nested either in a gondola, or plastic wrapped on a pallet so they can be handled properly.

This may be our only pickup this year so if you would like to get the items off your grounds, this would be the time to do it!

Also, since this recycling opportunity does NOT include poly or film, many growers have found that cutting it up in manageable pieces and placing it out at the road it usually gets picked up that same day by a scrapper or concrete contractor.

Annie's Project

Annie's Project is a program empowering women farmers to be better business partners through networks and by managing and organizing critical information. The classes will be held at the Anderson's Activities building located at 1833 Holland-Sylvania Rd. in Maumee. Each session begins with a light dinner followed by presentations and discussion.


2014 MVGA News

MVGA Annual Meeting


MVGA recently held its annual meeting at Strawberry Acres Lodge in Holland, Ohio. The minutes from the meeting can be viewed here.

MVGA Awarded First USDA Grant

We are excited to announce that MVGA recently was awarded their first USDA government grant!

It is the first of three grants listed below that were all food related for NW Ohio. Stay tuned for more information regarding the progress of the grant. We will soon be reaching out to those MVGA members who are also involved in food production (in addition to floriculture).

  • $25,000 to Maumee Valley Growers (MVGA) to conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the viability of operating a food hub adjacent to the Farmer's Market in Toledo's central city.
  • $62,747 to WSOS Community Action Commission, Inc., Fremont, OH to increase marketing and support of Northwest Ohio Food Partnership Center, Toledo Farmers' Market.
  • $44,066 to ProMedica Toledo Hospital, Toledo, OH, to increase direct marketing and access to agricultural commodities from local producers to low-income seniors and food desert populations.

Read more about the grants here.

Rep. Kaptur Meets with MVGA Executives

Representative Marcy Kaptur met with President Tom Wardell and Executive Director Joe Perlaky to discuss current MVGA activities, accomplishments and local industry trends.

Virtual Field Trip: Fitkin's Greenhouse/Monroe County
Schools Collaboration

This past Spring, MVGA in collaboration with Monroe County's ISD arranged for a series of instructional videos for their science teachers and students. Owner Mike Schenk of Fitkin's Greenhouse shared his expertise as host on camera.

Click here and see how we take the students on a virtual field trip through Fitkin's Greenhouse in Ottawa Lake, Michigan. Mike explains what a greenhouse is, as well as the characteristics and needs of the plants he carries. The following modules are designed to correspond to Michigan Grade Level Content Expectations standards. The segments are geared mainly for elementary level students.

The teachers and their students will preview these short segments before October 1st. On that date, Tom Smith, Owner of Four Star Greenhouse will be in the studio fielding live questions from the students about our greenhouse industry.

This was a major undertaking for those involved and they are to be commended for all their efforts!

MVGA's 2014 Annual Picnic


Everyone had a great time at our MVGA potluck picnic last week at the Secor MetroPark on August 28th. Great stories of Jeff and Eileen's trip to Alaska and the cooking of Gene Klotz was second to none!

Self-Guided Tour Features Hoen's, Bostdorff's & North Branch Nursery