The Maumee Valley Growers Association (MVGA) received a state of Ohio grant to study the feasibility of providing fresh produce generated by local small farmers to urban area corner stores businesses located in Toledo, Ohio. 

The $15,000 feasibility study will determine if there is enough interest between farmers and corner store operators to create a 6-month seasonal supply chain that is sustainable.

“The food industry has many variables that affect the success of this proposal long-term. The farmer must provide enough produce volume and variety to satisfy program costs while at the same time match the needs of corner store customers” says Joe Perlaky, MVGA Executive Director.

The study will evaluate the entire supply chain from the farmer to food aggregator, the distributor to the corner store operator and of course with the product provided at a competitive cost to the consumer.

“This has been tried before, and we are concerned about the challenges says Perlaky, however, we have some ideas on how to take advantage of smaller packaging strategies that would make for easier, unique purchase decisions specific for corner store buyers.” 

The study was awarded by the Finance Fund Capital Corporation, (Healthy Food of Ohio Program) and will conclude within 30 days with recommendations to follow.   


Seasons are changing and so our our garden centers.  Check out the MVGA locations that still offer choices of annuals and perennials to choose from.  Visit any one of the area’s Maumee Valley Growers greenhouses and make your laste summer selection for this year!

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